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  1. James Colborn May 6, 2018 — 6:30 pm

    Looks great for active millennial white kids, how about the segment of our community not fitting into that demographic? What are you doing to attract a diverse audience?

    Could you define community-sustaining housing for me?

    1. Wow, we didn’t realize that this is the impression that anyone would get from our website/posts. Thank you for opening up the question. We are reaching out to everyone in the community. Diversity is welcome and is certainly one of the goals of the group. We are a group of individuals who have taken this on in addition to our “real jobs” and all of our marketing has been grassroots by word of mouth, flyers posted all around town and through Facebook. We are looking at a variety of ways to increase diversity in the Cohousing community. We do have a wide age range within the group from singles with no kids, to families with kids, to retired adults, and lots in between. You can look at our values on the “meet us” page on this website.

      Community-sustaining housing is a term that encompasses housing that includes locals housing, “achievable” housing as defined by the Mountain Housing Council, and sustainable in the sense of environmentally thoughtful design and layout. The Truckee River Village (the flyer that the term in included in) is intending to include a Cohousing community, achievable rental units and condominiums.

      We would love to have you come to an info session to brainstorm, learn even more and ask any other questions that come up for you.
      Thanks for your interest in Cohousing and the Truckee River Village.

  2. After reading the article in a recent Moonshineink, I am interested in getting more information on the Truckee Cohousing project. I am a single senior looking for an apartment to “grow old in” in a community that offers the support system that I will need as I age. I have been a part-time or full-time resident of Truckee since 1983.
    The article indicates that minimum investment of $10,000 is required; this is a down payment on a unit in the village. What I am unclear about is the total cost of that unit. Will there be another information session this summer?
    Carol Marsh

    1. truckeecohousing June 27, 2018 — 7:47 pm

      Hi Carol,

      I will reach out to answer your questions in more detail. We do have additional site tours and information sessions. See https://www.facebook.com/ for a list of dates and details.

      Thanks for your interest in Cohousing and the Truckee River Village.


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