Is Truckee River Cohousing Right For You?

So you’ve stumbled upon Truckee River Cohousing, and are wondering, is this for me? Will it work for my family?

Cohousing isn’t quite like buying an ordinary house in an ordinary neighborhood. (It’s better!) You are picking out your neighbors, your neighborhood, and your home.

So how to meet your potential neighbors?

Visit the Meet Us page and read our bios. Check out our vision and values. Ask to meet with a representative of our Membership Team for a chat over coffee. You can also request an invite to one of our community potlucks, giving you a chance to meet with our members more informally.

How to check out your potential neighborhood?

Join one of our site tours or public info sessions. (RSVP required). You will be able to walk our land and imagine our future common house overlooking the river, check out our swimming hole, and visualize the location of your future home. We will also share information about the broader development plans for the area, including a public park, mixed use commercial, and a hotel/wellness center.

No need to pick out your home, you can design it

While we have a general sense of what we would like to build, the process of picking our homes is done together. Get in early, and you will be part of the process of designing the homes. We currently plan to hold our site design meetings in September 2018. Those will determine the layout of the homes and amenities on the land. Subsequent workshops will design the Common House, and then the residences. To participate in the workshops, you need to be an invested member.

2 thoughts on “Is Truckee River Cohousing Right For You?

  1. Planning to visit your site in Sept., please advise if there are preliminary
    gatherings at this time. I will be coming from SF & my friend from Nevada
    look forward to hearing from you when convenient.
    Thank you,
    P. James

  2. Looking forward to your site
    tour Sept 16, walking the
    property & making new
    friends. Standing-by for
    further updates.

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