What is Cohousing?

Unfamiliar with cohousing? Here’s the basic idea: you get your own private home, situated inside a friendly and cooperative community. On a practical level, this means there are nearby neighbors on hand to watch your kids while you run to the store. Or give you a lift to the airport. Or loan you an egg or a cup of sugar… just like in your grandma’s day.

There are regular shared meals where the community gathers to break bread, share joys and burdens, and lighten the load of cooking on everyone. Imagine coming home from a long day and having a home-cooked meal ready and waiting for you! Imagine shared snowblowers and shared responsibility for clearing the snow… it’s no longer up to you and you alone every time it storms. Imagine easily borrowing that one tool that’s missing from your toolbox.

One of the most treasured aspects of most cohousing communities is the common house with its large kitchen and dining area for shared meals, a kids playroom, and perhaps a place to watch the Olympics or the Oscars. Central mailboxes, shared walkways, open space, and gardens give us plenty of chance to say hi and catch up with our neighbors.

You still have your own private domain – a fully appointed house with a private kitchen and all your own most treasured belongings. Cohousing doesn’t ask you to throw away your privacy. Instead it invites you to create spaces for community activities – and most importantly, to use them. In a cohousing community you can live with less and have more: more friendship, more time, more space, more ease.

We, the future residents, are designing our dream community together, making this project unique compared to anything else available in Truckee. We invite you to come join us and add your dreams to the vision!

Cohousing Definition from Cohousing.org

Cohousing Definition from CohousingCo.com





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