Meet Us

We are an engaged group of diverse ages and financial backgrounds who love the community of Truckee. We currently have 23 families and singles who are seeking to build 30-35 homes with about 70-90 people.

Our Values:

  • We value family, playfulness, fun, warmth and a shared joy in our common humanity!
  • We are people-oriented. We intentionally build community and organize and design our physical space to support and enhance people‚Äôs lives.
  • We are stewards of our environment, aspiring to make a positive impact on our physical surroundings.
  • We are civic and social leaders, aiming to positively impact our town, region, country and the world
  • We aspire to live active and healthy lives.
  • We are rational and practical problem-solvers, bringing innovative ideas to our projects.
  • We are inclusive, welcoming a diversity of ages, backgrounds, financial situations and viewpoints.

Current Households

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