Truckee Day clean-up of West River

Eight Truckee River Cohousing members filled up eight giant orangeĀ bags of trash along West River Street for Truckee Day. There’s so much to clean up! We concentrated along the West River Street — we’ll do another cleanup day on the site itself at some point. The weirdest thing I picked up was probably a pair of pants (how does one lose those?), followed by entire blue bags full of recycling that seem to have fallen out of someone vehicle on the way to the landfill. I always find picking up trash to be good for the soul, and to share this cleanup day with my future neighbors made this really special.

John and I went back in the evening just to explore the site more and jumped in the river! There’s a great little swimming hole in front of Unique Boutique that looks like it’ll make for good swimming even as the water gets lower. The sunset light down there was amazing, I’d highly recommend taking a dip to anyone.

1 thought on “Truckee Day clean-up of West River

  1. I look forward to helping any way I can. This is a very exciting project.

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